It comes in many forms

by twofiftyorless

We talk poorly and then, eventually (or sometimes), we talk smart. We get better at talking precisely because we talk. We see what works and what doesn’t, and if we’re insightful, do more of what works. How can one get talker’s block after all this practice?

…I believe that everyone should write in public…

…Do it every day. Every single day. Not a diary, not fiction, but analysis. Clear, crisp, honest writing about what you see in the world. Or want to see…

…If you know you have to write something every single day, even a paragraph, you will improve your writing. If you’re concerned with quality, of course, then not writing is not a problem, because zero is perfect and without defects. Shipping nothing is safe….

…The second best thing to zero is something better than bad. So if you know you have to write tomorrow, your brain will start working on something better than bad. And then you’ll inevitably redefine bad and tomorrow will be better than that. And on and on….

…Write like you talk. Often.

Sometimes it comes through words.  Other times it comes from observation.  It may be rooted in envy or disdain.  Regardless of its origin, it becomes a catalyst, sending one along a path of their own volition.  Sometimes along a path that was always available, but was somehow obscured.  For me, it took the form of Seth Godin’s words, quoted above.

I have had a desire to write for some time now, but have always come up with a series of excuses.  I do not know what to write about or how to do so well; nor do I have the time.  No one wants to read something from me; even if they did, how would they find my words?  These excuses had taken on an undeniable legitimacy until yesterday.

In the context of Mr Godin’s words, my excuses were invalidated.  If I can speak adnausem all day, surely I can find something of merit to write about.  I will never learn how to write without practice and effort.  If I only write a paragraph (or short essay) daily, the time can be afforded.  Besides, this is important to (and for) me and the interest of others is irrelevant.  There are no excuses, only reasons to forge ahead.

I am able to see it, hear it, and feel it more every day; that is why I feel ready to write now.  I have begun to find inspiration all around me, even when I am not looking for it.