Avoiding Obsolescence

by twofiftyorless

I sit at home for more than two hours daily, sifting through message boards, research papers and textbooks trying to learn materials that I should have been taught before. I bought into the system: people teaching me what I needed to learn and others testing me to be sure that I knew it, but that system failed.

I should know more than I do. After 19 years of formal education, I have one high school diploma, a Masters Degree, a Doctorate and a state license. To attain each, I have taken, and passed exams, evidence that I have a proven academic proficiency in a particular field of interest. But still, I am supposed to be smarter than this.

Lauren has it better than I did. She has another two years of study before attaining her degree, but (already) she has had exposure to more relevant academic concepts than I had in over six years of professional training. She is eleven years younger than I am, but she knows that cognitive-evaluative, sensory-discriminitive and motivation-affective inputs, coupled with pain perception, action programs and stress-regulation outputs interact within the body-self neuromatrix. She will, therefore, be graduating with knowledge  that will give her an advantage over greater than ninety percent of her competition in the open market, myself included.

I know that Lauren is not alone, there are more like her coming. Everyday, I  play catch-up: trying to learn and become more relevant, I am studying to keep my job.