Goals and Objectives

by twofiftyorless

Until I open my own clinic, I must achieve the following long term goals:

  1. Keep my job
  2. see #1

To progess toward the achievement of my long term goals, the following short term objectives are to be met in one year:

  1. My patients will consistently be discharged from physical therapy with greater functional improvements, documented by FOTO, than each of my colleagues
  2. My patients will consistently attain their goals more quickly than the patients of my colleagues
  3. I will consistently evaluate my patients as is deemed necessary by “policy” at the office
  4. I will consistently conform the language of my documentation to fit an operator standard as set forth at the clinic
  5. I will create a “position paper” on pain, to be placed in each patient’s chart with rock-solid citations that are unassailable
  6. I will consistently make extra effort to research why I should NOT have to act as an operator and place this evidence in my patient’s charts, rather than directly confront those who would insist that I treat differently
  7. I will consistently remain polite and always respond with a non-condscending, “Yes, Ma’am,” when challenged
  8. I will consistently work hard to be sure that I make my employer enough money to make me indispensable

My prognosis: Poor.