Comfort Zone

by twofiftyorless

“Your writing needs greater exposure. How are we going to do that?”

His message of encouragement was both flattering and kind; I was appreciative that he both took the time to read my thoughts and that he cared enough to write to me about them. Almost reflexively, I responded with an unintentional half-truth:

I am happy to hear when people enjoy my writing (and admittedly, reference my site stats daily), but am happier, for now, realizing that each posting is a small personal success story in and of itself.

Upon reflection, I have come to the realization that I am not happier with my writings being unrecognized or under-exposed (if that were to be the case), but rather I am more comfortable knowing that there is a small exclusive network of well-meaning, pleasant and generally polite people who read my writings daily. In six weeks time, I had already lost sight of what drove me to write to begin with: personal growth.

My aim is to challenge stagnation, not to bathe in its warmth and coziness. I began to write, not as an excuse, but as an opportunity. I want to be more than just a guy with a computer and an opinion; I want to develop, improve and (hopefully) evolve. Without exposure, my ability and willingness to achieve that end can be drawn into question, making my writing an exercise in futility.

I, for one, believe my time is more valuable than that.