4 Years Wasted

by twofiftyorless

While I was educating Michael once weekly on land, my boss was treating him twice weekly in the pool.  As the evaluating therapist responsible for his care, I asked her not to discuss his “disk problem”, or how his physician had told him that he needed to continue to receive chiropractic care for the rest of his life or he may ” get worse”.  Instead, I asked her to encourage him to move, avoiding a continual focus on maintaining a strong and solid “core”.  She humored me in regards to her direct conversation with him, but continually quizzed me: “Is his pain is coming from a disc, or degenerative changes?”  She was dissatisfied when a told her it was coming from his brain.

In spite of the philosophical incompatibility of his two clinicians, he has felt progressively better, and his care is now being transitioned to my schedule fulltime on land, but only after she sent him to Tom, a more “experienced”, FMS-certified therapist in the clinic for a second opinion, her last gasp at finding an orthopedic origin of his pain.

After a brief examination, Tom determined that Michael’s problem was a lack of transverse abdominus control, because Michael arched his back when he performed standing shoulder extension with tubing.  She, in turn, has advised me to improve the patient’s trunk stability via core exercises, per Tom’s recommendation.

Hindsight is 20/20: I could have saved $80,000 if I knew I was going to be a physical therapy assistant.