A Note From Tom

by twofiftyorless

Patient Name: Michael
Date: 11/09/11

S: Pt reports that he con’t to have difficulty trying to progress beyond aqua PT ex. Pt has been performing SKTC & lumbar stretching ex in supine @ home as well as cat & camel. Pt states main difficulty is standing in 1 place for longer than 3-5 min, standing & holding a light bag, i.e. 3-5# for longer than 5-10 min, & trying to perform any type of lifting w/UE.

O: Pt had significant difficulty trying to engage abs & L-S paraspinal musculature. Pt needs more stab ex for pelvis & lumbar region. Standing posture presents w/hips going fwd & relaxed ab muscles. Pt had difficulty engaging ab muscles in standing & feeling proper posture.

Rx: Red tube row w/accentuation of scap retr 2 x 10, red tube shld ext w/accentuation of scap retr 2 x 10, & seated hip abd postural correct w/slight fwd lean 2 x 5.

A: Pt stated that he could feel that he used ab & lumbar muscles.

P: Pt was pleased w/ex & will return next wk to determine whether to add the ex program for home.

Electronically Signed,

Admittedly, there is little creativity in posting the daily note of a fellow colleague, but it speaks to something.

One year ago, this would have made sense to me. Today, it confuses, frustrates, angers and disappoints me.