A New Identity

by twofiftyorless

While interviewing for a new position, I wanted to be sure that my prospective employer would have full knowledge of what was driving me to change jobs.

He learned that I had been reading as much as I could about neuroscience (and how fascinating I thought it was), how I was moved when I once read that “care is distinct from training”, and that I am the only person at my outpatient clinic in a tie.  He was informed of my intentions to provide quality care in the form of service, as I had just finished reading a wonderful article delineating the differences between helping, fixing, and serving.  I even brought with me a few selected essays that I had written including the Inertiatic Royalty, Interfering with Nature, Humiliating, Therapy On (Thin) Ice, 8 hours & 126 Interruptions, and Four In Hand.

Two weeks later, I was thrilled to be offered (and accept) the position, but I was a surprised as well; after 2 days of interviewing, I have already been labeled by those whom I will work with:

I am “quirky”.