Bobby Boucher

by twofiftyorless

For 17 weeks every year since 2004, I have watched him on Sundays as he strives to become the pinnacle of his profession.

He graduated with a Masters Degree in 2000, and a Doctorate in 2006. In 2005, he worked without compensation for the better part of 3 years to become a certified athletic trainer. He has always been on the path toward the achievement of a goal that he has always been aware of, while my own path has always been less clear.

Now, when I plop down on my couch to watch a game on Sundays, I see him on the sidelines, where he has always striven to be.  Behind the players, beside the coach, or on the field, I see him more times in three hours than I can count on two hands. Which, by the way, is one more hand than he has available to count with.

We are different people, he and I.

The envy of most of his colleagues, he is happy on the field. I prefer serving in the Jones’ living room.