by twofiftyorless

Publicly, I have been telling everyone that my transition is for personal reasons. The hours are better. The insurance costs are less. I have more flexibility with my scheduling. My reasoning gives me an easy out, a politically correct means of leaving on good terms.

Privately, I had convinced myself that I am leaving because it is an opportunity to grow. I can spend more time with my patients, learning to communicate with them more effectively. I will have a chance to read and study more. I will integrate new scientific ideas into my care, independent of the malicious, uninformed, ego-centric resistance of others.

Yesterday, Kelly (a friend, and colleague) approached me in the hallway and inquired as to my reason for leaving. I shared with her my private story, the story of my personal journey. She looked at me puzzled, “But home care is way beneath your skill set.”

Her word  have brought to mind a different and less common storyline, more palpable today than yesterday. My story is one of good versus evil. It is a conflict between all that is “therapy” in my field, versus all that is “physical”; a battle between all that is right and all that is mostly wrong.

It is the a story of a personal battle that I must not lose…even if the care that I have to offer my patients is considered “beneath me”.