by twofiftyorless

“Jerry, just remember, it’s not a lie if you believe it.”.
-George Constanza

Jerry was ashamed of watching a dramatic soap opera series in the nineties. He was willing to go to great lengths to try to prove to the object of his affection (a police officer) that he was not interested in this brand of prime-time programming. He failed, miserably.

I thought of this episode while writing about my stories yesterday and realized that even if Mulder were to find the truth, he would not be able to share it with us completely. After all, how else would he, if not through story?

As long as I am educating patients, I will necessarily speak words that are not always completely true.  I will not be able to help it. It is the nature of the beast, and it cannot (under any circumstances) be avoided. But I can accept that, as long as I understand, and appreciate, the intent.

The intent should be to share with patients information that has been gleaned through the efforts of rational skepticism and scrutiny with exhaustive and scrupulous attention to detail. In turn, the intent should be to occasionally speak the phrase, ” I don’t know.”

Patients seek  the truth, but in the absence of deceit, will appreciate honesty in its place.

Luckily, honesty is all I have to offer.