by twofiftyorless

Next month, I will leave a facility that had offered me everything I was looking for only 3 years earlier. I was exposed to the theories of McKenzie, Greenman, Sahrman, Maitland, Graston, Hruska and Barnes. But, after a watershed moment, things changed. I became uncomfortable. I needed to move on, again.

In July 2008, I was excited to move from a clinic that was more about relationships to a facility that was all about the mechanical and orthopedic application of my field. I said to a friend, “Finally, I get to put the ‘physical’ back in ‘physical therapy.'”

Unfortunately, I lacked the wisdom (at that time), to avoid losing some of the “therapy” in the process.

In February 2012, I will be excited to move from a clinic that is most  concerned with profit. Afforded the opportunity to reintroduce care into my therapy practice, my patients will be better served this time around.