Remarkably Inconsistent

by twofiftyorless

As an observer, her inconsistencies perplex me.

She believes in God. She  believes that her faith will allow her to be received in heaven after her passing, and that those who have turned away from God’s grace and Jesus’ teaching are destined for hell. She believes that Jesus was born the son of God, and was sent to this place we call Earth to die for our sins. She believes in being good to her neighbors, and is considered by most to be a wonderful caring neighbor, someone Jesus would be proud of. She is, by all accounts, a good christian.

A good christian does not, however, necessarily make a good catholic. She engaged in premarital sex, and enjoyed it. She has utilized oral and barrier contraceptives and has held the hand of a friend in an abortion clinic. She believes that homosexuals should have equal rights inside and outside the church walls. She ironically denies the  plausibility of transubstantiation. She does not believe in confessing her sins, for she needs no mediator between her and God. Mary is not revered in her eyes, and she does not understand the saints. She says that the pope is just another old priest disconnected from the real world, but believes that women should be priests and that priests should be married.

If It knew, the Church would be disappointed in my wife. Yet, there we sat before a priest, asking him to marry us.