Surprising Sage

by twofiftyorless

Father would not marry us until we spent a weekend at a seminary with other betrothed couples.

During this weekend retreat, she stood in front of a group of couples and told them it was okay to use condoms, but would help them learn about the rhythm method. She openly discussed her beliefs that women should be priests. She shared stories about how a political institution had conspired against her, preventing her from promotions that she had both desired and deserved. She wore a habit on her head and disdain for many aspects of the Church on her sleeve.

While couples mingled and talked about their wedding plans at lunch, I sought out Sister Regina and she welcomed me to her table. She reminded me of my wife: a good christian who seemed so far removed philosophically from the Church for which she served. I thought that, perhaps, she could help me understand my wife better (which ironically enough was the intent of the weekend).

I asked her, “How is it that you remain devoted to a Church that is so out of line with your own personal viewpoints and philosophies?”

I remain loyal to Him…
I believe that the Church is Jesus’ church, and that it has lost its way…
It deserves better, but the only way to change it is from the inside.
If I don’t try, who will?

Sister Regina was a noble woman and she taught me something, but I still do not understand my wife.