Role Model

by twofiftyorless

She was hosting a course recently on evidence-based practice for the lower extremities. Her staff was strongly “encouraged” to attend; she advertises that her clinic’s practice is evidence-based, after all. She too would be in attendance to (as she phrased it) “collect” her CEUs. The course required advanced reading and a quiz, to assure that participants understood the philosophical and academic context for the materials to be presented.

Three days before the course, she stopped her youngest therapist in the hallway:

Hey, Joannie! You are an over-achiever. Did you read those articles for the course this weekend?

Yeah, I…

How long did it take?

Well, I am not done yet, but I would say that I have spent about an hour per night over the last 6 days and I am not quite done yet. There is a lot of info on…

Jesus…6 hours? When you do the quiz, will you write down the answers for me? I don’t have time for that kinda shit.

Yeah, sure. It is all just about a bunch of articles about what CPRs you use for…

What CPR?

For the legs. Hips and knees mostly. But, what they do…


Clinical Prediction Rule.

Oh. Right. So you will write those down for me?


She is same woman who has a well-crafted reputation with her own therapy practice, perceived as the best that my area has to offer. She is also the same woman who took it upon herself to review my treatment of patients with chronic pain and fibromyalgia and wondered why I was “not performing a thorough McKenzie-based evaluation”…