Starting Over…Again

by twofiftyorless

I used to use this quote from a 100 mile racer: “Crossing the finish line after something like that is pretty cool, but it’s NOTHING like crossing the starting line.” –Barrett

When we have a bad day, a friend will often offer some sort of phrase or idiom in an effort to make us feel better. Usually, the person offering up this not-so-deep insight has little vested interest in the subject at hand or is tired of discussing it.

While growing up, “Well…tomorrow is another day,” was a personal favorite of my own family. I would hear this so much as a child, I learned to cut my parents off before they had finished saying, “Well…”

Tomorrow was always a reminder that events of today would endure with a seemingly endless effect on my future life. The kids who made fun of (or tried to bully) me would still be in the halls tomorrow. The homework, much like envelopes at the post office, would never come to an end. The boss would keep on riding me about this or that. Tomorrow may have  been another day, but I could find no solace in that.

This morning I realized that I haven’t been bullied in over 7500 days, no one has forced me to do homework in 3650 days and it has been 21 days since the last edict from my previous employer. Each race (and many like them) was longer than I had hoped, but they are complete, nonetheless.

Today I will start a new race, again, and it will excite me. I will do the same again tomorrow…