Wasting An Education

by twofiftyorless

Today, I visited three different homes.

At the first home, I sat and spoke with a man who has had a history of dizziness and falls. He has had these symptoms for years, and the doctors are trying in earnest to help manage his symptoms medically. We had a conversation about keeping the walker by his side at all times instead of relying on loved ones for support should he need to stand up from a chair. I will also help him acquire a seat for his bathtub.

At the second home, a man told me about how his ulcerated wound had been debrided and he went from no pain, to pain in his wound, to pain in his thighs with the simplest of activity. I explained a little bit to him about how pain is from the brain and he walked 20 feet with a straight cane. He also shared with me some personal struggles that he was having with his son.

At the third home, I inspected an abdominal incision and showed the woman how to move in and out of her tub.

in 1995, I enrolled in a physical therapy program to spend 7 years in college (total) to become a physical therapist. I did not attend school for bath-seats, short walks and wound inspections; I am okay with that.