by twofiftyorless

Guts is the willingness to lose. To be proven wrong, or to fail.
Seth Godin

I still prefer a pseudonym.

Perhaps I have too much to lose. Perhaps I am more comfortable knowing that if I stop or fail that no one will be the wiser. Perhaps there are things that I want to say that would anger people around me, be they friends, family or even (worse yet) my boss. Perhaps I fear what my patients would think if they read my thoughts, questions, insecurities, and learned of my mistakes and failures. Perhaps I simply lack the guts to put something out there for all to see with my full name attached to it.

I wonder, when does motivated learning lend itself to confidence and when does confidence lend itself to action in the face of failure without guarantees of success?

Regardless, my pseudonym remains a necessary evil…for now.