Seeking A Soundtrack

by twofiftyorless

I am at a loss.

For as long as I can remember, there has been music playing in the background. Whether in my car, at my desk at work or in my home, there has never been silence. When I was younger it was heavy metal, as I grew older progressive rock. More recently, I have dabbled in blues and jazz. At every turn, I have been able to find music that fit my mood and temperament. There has been comfort in finding a sound that has accurately represented what I am about or how I am feeling even if for only a small fragment of time. My music has brought me comfort throughout good times and bad.

Always, I’ve had an appreciation for intricacy and virtuosity, but I now find that I yearn to hear something more organic, more natural, and less contrived while searching for a sound that is both genuine and sincere. I’m hoping to discover an artist who performs more what they feel and less what they think may sell. They must be uncompromising and passionate. Most importantly, they must have the sound that somehow “connects” with me.

Until then, I live my life much like a black-and-white silent film without musical accompaniment awaiting the addition of color and greater texture…sonically lonely.