Cradle Rock, Pt. 2

by twofiftyorless

In anticipation of the concert, there has been more Joe Bonamassa playing in my home than any other artist. With the stereo on 4 hours per day, and a large library of live performances by Joe, there are many songs that I hear multiple times per day, one of which struck me as unintentionally profound the other day. One man might say that it was my moment of “Dorkitude.”

A staple of Joe’s setlist for the last couple of years has been a cover of a Rory Gallagher song, titled Cradle Rock. The song starts with this lyric:

If I was a cradle, would you let me rock?

This song got stuck in my head (against my will) and I found myself humming it unconsciously while rocking my daughter to sleep in the soft recliner in her nursery. When I thought of the lyric, I took pause…literally.

I stopped the rocking chair, with me in it (still holding my now sleeping daughter). I made a decision not to move; to see how long I could remain (comfortably) in the same position, without motion. In a few short seconds, I had the urge to move; it was overwhelming and distracting, however, I maintained my willful isometric pose. With a tight abdominal wall, shallow breathing, and tightened hamstrings, gluts and scapular stabilizers I held my posture, unmoving despite a compulsion to the contrary. I held on as long as I could tolerate…

…after almost 60 seconds, I began rocking again; as the tension that had built up was already dissipating, I shook my head thinking, “Man…that sucked.”