Fiddling With a Few Thoughts, Pt. 3

by twofiftyorless

You should meet my chiropractor, he is the best!

(cont)…It then occurred to me: finding a good musician is not all too different from finding a good physical therapist.

As little as I know about fiddling, a person who is in pain and is seeking professional care probably knows even less. They don’t know what the letters that follow a name mean and they can rarely differentiate between DPT, DO, DC, LMT, OCS, CSCS, etc.

Although we understand that it should not work this way, patients often only know that they are in pain (or are injured) and that they want someone to help make them better. They may have seen a therapist or two before, and perhaps they have heard a recommendation or two from an acquaintance, but they are otherwise naive.

That naivete is frightening…

There must be hundreds of thousands of fiddlers in the world (think: those in healing professions), but only a select few land a recording contract (think: licensed professional in science-based fields). Now, remove the media (no more records, tapes, CDs or mp3s) and all that remains are live performances. Now the listeners need to set 30-60 minutes aside to go somewhere and listen to the music, after work, before the kids soccer game and somehow still get to the grocery store and mow the lawn before dark.

How many fiddlers would they get to hear? How far would they travel to listen?

More importantly, how much more likely are they to necessarily enjoy whatever it was that they heard, if they never had an opportunity to listen to anything else?