Fiddling With a Few Thoughts, Pt. 4

by twofiftyorless


It had turned out that I had found the music I was looking for. It had been in my music library for the better part of 4 years, but had never been accessible to me (emotionally) until recently. I listened to the album that contained this song for 5 hours on my way to the Dermoneuromodulation course in Montreal. I suspect that the music speaks for itself.

.     .     .     .

(Fast forward to after two nights in a Super 8 motel and two days at a continuing education course…)

It is amazing what a couple of days of escape can do for the soul. After a weekend surrounded by people of similar interests and passions and stimulating conversations over both a nice Italian dinner at a restaurant and (later) a beer in a small physio-clinic…well, I was listening to a different tune on the way home.

And no, my foot wouldn’t stop tapping…nor did I want it to.