Misunderstood, Pt. 1

by twofiftyorless

I have helped move swing sets for Jeff and Scott, removed snow for John and Jason, dug cars out of the snow for Dave’s girlfriend and provided pro bono physical therapy care to Jeff, John and Mallory. I have never said “No” to a neighbor in need of help. I consider these to be the traits and characteristics of a good neighbor.

.     .     .     .

I prefer to drive home, pull my car into the garage and close the door behind me. I am incapable of pretending that I enjoy talking about the weather with Dave. I do not have the energy to feign interest in John’s political views. I do not care about the exploits of the children in my neighborhood, nor can I engage in “conversation” with other parents in my neighborhood watching them falsely act as if they think my child is as cute as I do. Apparently these are the traits and characteristics of a selfishly disconnected and aspiring curmudgeon.

I would disagree, but no one has asked me for my opinion.