Misunderstood, Pt. 3

by twofiftyorless

She had been told once before that AJ needed “work” on his mouth; I only wanted to know why. After all, I know that he has a cross-bite, but am skeptical of a field that believes that nearly half of the population needs their services.

She took AJ to his appointment while I was working; I asked her to make a few inquiries with the “doctor“, asking for literature to support his recommendations. Some of the questions that I wanted answered included:

  1. What is the prevalence of cross-bite?
  2. What happens if it goes unchecked?
  3. Beyond cosmetics, what functional problems may result from cross-bite through adulthood?
  4. Might it resolve without intervention?
  5. Is it better to intervene now or later? How much later?
  6. If he has his bite “corrected” now, how probable is it that it will “stick”? What percentage of patients need intervention again later in life?

.     .     .     .

When I returned home later that day, she told me that AJ had once again been recommended for an appliance. It would cost approximately $1500-$2000 and would probably be in place for 8-12 months.

I asked her if the orthodontist had been able to provide any literature to support his recommendations, but she had not even bothered to ask…

“If you want to be the difficult parent, you can call him.”