Misunderstood, Pt. 4

by twofiftyorless

A colleague from my old work place is pregnant and has begun to suffer from low back pain; she cannot go to the clinic that she works at because they do not accept her secondary insurance, so she is going to the local hospital’s satellite office instead. When I heard of her infliction, I wondered aloud whether or not I should have her come to my home for pro bono treatment, mentioning that she would be better served not receiving the wrong information about her pain from someone else.

“Why?”, my physical therapist-wife (practicing in pediatrics) asked…

Her: What would you do different for her?
Me: I would help her understand where her pain is coming from.
Her: And where is it coming from?
Me: I understand that there is not some specific tissue “giving” her pain, but I get sickened by the fact that wherever she goes, they will be very certain that there is. Where do you think it is coming from?
Her: Well, her ligaments are loose, so her SI could be out, or the weight in her front is throwing her posture out of whack. I suppose you would just tell her it is coming from her brain, right?
Me: Why do you say it that way?
Her: Because, it seems to be your go-to answer lately.
Me: Are you arguing that I have a fundamental misunderstanding of how pain manifests itself? Is your argument that you can have pain without the brain?

“No, but this phase that you’re going through is annoying…”