Presidential Platform

by twofiftyorless

I am neither Democrat, nor Republican. I believe in liberty for all, not just those whose actions are befitting a “moral” text approved by a group of orthodox white men in Europe 1700 years ago. At the same time, to have liberty means that the government should get out of the way of the individual;the role of government should be to serve, without being served.

When I first registered to vote, I did so as an independent.  After one election cycle, I quickly realized that I needed to pick sides; in my state, it is the only way to participate in primaries.

To decide between the two parties was fairly simple: I do not vote on social issues (recent courts have proven themselves capable of advocating for the liberties of the people) and my fiscal viewpoints fall in line with the Republican “Party-line” of low taxes and reducing the size of the federal government. Of course, since I have been voting, there has been a large discrepancy between Republican platforms and policy performance, but that is for another day.

So, here I sit at a computer in rural Upstate NY as a libertarian dressed in a very moderate republican’s clothing, reading through (and sharing) some disappointing questions from the Republican party’s 2012 Presidential Platform Survey…(to be cont)