Never Mind

by twofiftyorless

As I have typed and deleted a few drafts regarding the Republican Platform Survey, I have come to the conclusion that there is nothing to say that hasn’t been said before; I am only one of many disillusioned Americans who does not fit within the current political landscape.

In the end, I am the 99.9%…the majority who is disgusted by how the political machine in Washington is driven (regardless of political affiliation). The only thing that I have to offer is a single suggestion for election reform that could give the true majority of this country a voice once again and open the path to compromise between parties:

Majority Voting

The only problem with this suggestion is all of the unavoidable complaints about how “complicated” a system it is; I maintain that if Disney can tell you that you “need to be this tall to ride”…well…if you cannot figure out this, then you probably should not be placing a vote based on rhetoric you heard on a 30-second advertisement on the radio about how one man can turn around an entire nation’s economic prospects with a few strokes of pen, anyway.