A Radical View

by twofiftyorless

40 percent of the United States citizens consider themselves conservative, while 21 percent consider themselves liberal. Approximately 35 percent consider themselves moderate (1). The other 4 percent could name the cast of the Jersey Shore, but not the last 2 vice presidents, so they don’t matter.

Be careful, don’t let the numbers confuse you. Only 27 percent of Americans are registered Republican and 31 percent Democrat while a whopping 40 percent remain independent (2). Among independents, the distribution of those who consider themselves conservative, liberal or moderate are on par with national averages.


Maybe the Republicans should understand that, despite the overwhleming statistics that would seem to put them in the driver seat in nearly any national election, the Democrats walked away from the 2008 elections with the Presidency, the Senate and the House. Maybe they should stop explaining away that loss as a referendum on the policies of President Bush and instead see it as the moment that independents tried to take back what it meant to be “conservative”. Maybe they should back off a little from the rheotoric that states:

[We are] commited to helping ensure that in 2012, the Obama-era of radical liberalism, reckless spending and embarrassing foriegn policy…exposing the Obama record and his radical liberal agenda.

Perhaps coming up with a few reasonable alteratives of their own would be a good start?