Thank You, Pt.1

by twofiftyorless

When I walked into the home, she had been in severe pain for days. Her blood pressure was elevated (170/110). She was lying on her left side on her couch, crying from the pain.

Sorry Robin, she could not rise to stand without being in agony; an assessment of repeated ROM was not justifiable under the circumstances (nor could she lie on he stomach). Sorry Ron, she wouldn’t let me do an abduction drop test (but you said everyone is positive anyway, right?) Sorry Tim, Julie et al, she has had chronic pain in her low back for years and it will travel down the leg (although that is not her complaint today). Sorry John, she has tin foil over the windows, it keeps all the negative energy out (okay, not all the windows, just one; I do not know why, I was scared to ask). Sorry Shirley, I stopped reading your book at page 73.

Betty would feel better soon. She practiced deep breathing and was encouraged to communicate calmly with her therapist how she felt throughout the encounter. Her nervous system appreciated gentle treatment along the path of the sural and fibular nerves, then the posterior cutaneous nerve of the thigh, the cluneals and dorsal rami.  Once she was able to sit comfortably, her own instinctive movements were elicited with the lightest of touch over each clavicle, her movements were subtle, but palpable and effective(if not corrective).

After one hour, she was walking comfortably with a reduced blood pressure and smiling, she thanked me.

“No need…I did almost nothing.”