A Show Of Support

by twofiftyorless

For the last few months, he has been married to his job more than his wife. He is never around when she needs him, but she pushes ahead with the strength of a successful single mother. In the face of loneliness, she does all the things for her son and daughter that a father should and she never complains about his absence, even to those who are closest to her. She is a remarkable woman, wonderful mother and a very patient wife.

So, when my wife told me she felt bad because she could not help Stacy (who needed to work on a Sunday morning but could not find someone to watch her children), I volunteered.

In two days, I will be watching 4 kids in my home, severely outnumbered for nearly 3 hours as my wife teaches her exercise classes and Stacy fulfills her commitments for a job she cannot afford to lose. It is going to be a very long 3 hours, but it is the least I can do.

After all, if Chuck were home, he would do it himself.