Killing “Why?”, Pt.1

by twofiftyorless

For generations, students have moaned and complained about the “pop quiz”, the quick and little tool wielded by the lazy teacher used to assure that their students are doing as they are told by recalling data from yesterday’s lecture or last night’s reading assignment. It is a symptom of a multi-faceted endemic in the US educational system that includes an outdated model, poor teachers protected by their unions and parents who are part of a culture that expects the rest of the world to do their job (or they simply don’t care if anyone does their job at all).

Then, if we are lucky, we have a few students who somehow make it through a flawed system with what is believed the requisite knowledge for collegiate success: the “straight-A” student. This student is special, for they can memorize and understand information on multiple subjects (not just the materials that interest them, but the topics that bore them as well). The discipline to forge ahead through such boredom at such a young age is worthy of applause after their speech as valedictorian.

Then they are off to college, to learn more facts; ill prepared for what might be next…