The Blame Game, Pt. 1

by twofiftyorless

If you blame others for your failures, do credit them with your success?
– Unknown Author

I have to come to understand that when I am working together with a patient in pain, the resolution or reduction of that patient’s symptoms is not the direct result of my input, but is (instead) a product of their own nervous system.

Often, my patients thank me when they begin to feel better; I always remind them that they were the one’s who did all their work while I merely served as a facilitator, educator or coach, but never a healer. I understand this to be the most accurate way to portray my interaction with my patient’s and I think that it resonates with them and (most importantly) reminds them of their new found empowerment.

Recently, however, I have been contemplating why it is that when a patient makes progress, I am eager to give them all of the credit that I understand they deserve, but assign fault/blame to myself when progress is limited (or is, worse yet, non-existant).

This presents as a logical inconsistency that I am no longer comfortable with.