Body Language

by twofiftyorless

I was thinking today about my recent difficulties expressing gratitude; I remembered this guy on a live concert DVD that I own: Dream Theater’s Score.

In the beginning of what was the title track to their latest album, Jordan Rudess (the band’s insanely talented keyboard wizard) was playing the continuum, a relatively new and obscure digital instrument. The lead-in to the over-20-minute-long song itself lasts 4 minutes; after the intro is complete, Jordan turns to face the crowd.

As the crowd politely claps in appreciation, the camera focuses in on one fan in the crowd. As the view fades from Jordan to the man, I can see he is wearing a band t-shirt, he seems to have more hair on his chin than his head, and (above his head) his palms are facing and touching each other in a purposeful pose of appreciation. Slowly, I see him bring his hands lower to clap.

I think it is really neat. Not only did the camera crew capture this moment, but the producers elected to share with the world this one man’s simple gesture. It is a moment that is forever engrained on film and will be seen by hundreds of thousands of people over the many years to come.

The neatest part is this: even though viewers will never know my name, they will always know I was grateful.