Переход мои пальцы, что я получить это право на этот раз

by twofiftyorless

“Reportedly a lethal diplomatic sniper, he was instead armed with a blunderbuss.” -Peter Mountford

Story is important, and I should know: I once came in second place in a countywide story-telling contest in the sixth grade. Of course, I had little insight at such a young age as to the impact that my stories would have on others many years later in my professional life. Nonetheless, where my stories were once utilized to win contests, lure the ladies toward my all-too-thin frame, or become the center of attention at social events, they have now become the vehicle for answers to potential questions that patients often haven’t yet asked.

In a recent podcast, the author of the text quoted above sought out the “bootleg” translator of his book to assist in its translation to Russian. He found it worthwhile to take his own time to help make his words accessible to others; it was better than the alternative:

Reportedly he was a brilliant diplomatic sniper using his charm to hit from the first go and win the people’s hearts of the people whose cooperation he needed but actually…unsuitable for sharpshooting.

It makes me wonder, how many of my own stories have gotten lost in translation?

I hope (for my patient’s sake) that I fare better than the bootlegger, because this can be complicated.

**This posting was also inspired (in part) by a wonderful broadcast available here by Karen Litzy, MSPT, featuring Barrett Dorko, PT.